Carbon Dashboard

Track CO2e emissions for all modes of freight transportation

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Looking to reduce your Scope 3 emissions? 

Without accurate measurement of carbon emissions, it is difficult to set baselines, measure results and reduce. And with the varying standards of data quality and methodologies in use, it can be challenging to have consistent data across your entire supply chain.

PSA BDP’s Carbon Dashboard provides you with web-based access to carbon emissions for all modes of transportation and across the end-to-end supply chain. Greenhouse gas calculations are powered by the EcoTransIT World emissions calculator, in accordance with ISO 14083 standards and  the provisions of the GLEC Framework, ensuring that you are tracking based on industry-accredited methodologies.  

Emissions are calculated daily for every new freight movement that PSA BDP captures in our central database. The Dashboard provides a summary of freight volumes moved and CO2e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) emissions by mode, along with FCL container fill rate and overall carbon intensity. 

PSA BDP’s Global Sustainability Team provides further insight and analysis on emissions and freight options to enable your business to achieve your sustainability target.  

Emissions data for all PSA BDP shipments are offered - at no extra charge - as part of our Lead Logistics and Transportation services. Customers will be onboarded in phases. 

Metrics tracked 

  • Total freight moved across all modes 
  • Efficiency – FCL fill rate 
  • Carbon footprint – CO2e emissions 
  • Carbon Intensity – CO2e emissions per tonne of freight moved 

Did you know? 

As part of our Clean Cargo Alliance membership, we get access to carrier-specific emissions factors for ocean freight CO2 calculations within EcoTransIT. This, in turn, enables us to provide more accurate emissions results to you. PSA BDP is a longstanding member of the Clean Cargo Alliance, run by Smart Freight Centre, an international non-profit organization focused on reducing the emission impacts of global freight transportation.