Talking Trade: A COVID-19 vaccine - the logistics move of a lifetime

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, one of the biggest questions has been, "when will there be a vaccine?" Pharmaceutical companies all over the world have embarked upon aggressive development, testing strategies, and clinical studies in a race against time as the global numbers continue to increase. 

While some early rounds of testing have yielded promising results, the timeline for widespread availability to the world's nearly 8 billion people is still a few months away, at best.

But if and when the vaccine is safely tested and cleared for public consumption, will an already stressed and fatigued supply chain be able to meet the massive demands of the "mission of the century?"

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has stated that the equivalent of 8,000 Boeing 747s will be needed; but as the shaky airline industry grapples toward recovery, the vaccine could be just what the proverbial doctor ordered to get the airfreight industry back on track.

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, Mr. Gerry Fama - VP of Sales, Europe and Ms. Simona Ravera, Director of Sales, EMEA discuss the recent vaccine developments, the logistics behind the transport from lab to office, and whether or not the industry is equipped to handle the complexities and complications that accompany an undertaking of this magnitude. 

Tune in below for the full discussion.