USTR seeks industry feedback: Tranches I, II, III

Today, the Federal Register posted the opportunity for the industry to provide their comments on section 301 for Tranches I, II, and III, which starting on October 1, 2019, will increase to a 30% tariff.

Comments can be submitted electronically using this website, and placing the following docket number USTR–2019–0015 to begin your comments. 

All comments must be submitted by September 20, 2019.

When submitting your comments you will be asked to share your contact details.  
If your submission has Business Confidential Information (BCI), do not submit these via the website.

Instead, interested persons should email any comments which contain BCI to this address for further handling. Additionally, the file name of the business confidential version should begin with the characters ‘‘BC’’. Any page containing BCI must be clearly marked ‘‘BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL’’ on the top of that page and the submission should clearly indicate, via brackets, highlighting, or other means, the specific information that is business confidential.

What type of comments is the USTR looking for? 
Comments should address specifically whether increasing the rate of additional duties on one or more subheadings listed in the Annexes (I,II,III) would be practicable or effective to obtain the elimination of China’s acts, policies, and practices. Additionally, they are seeking whether increasing the rate of additional duties
on a particular product listed in the annexes would cause disproportionate
economic harm to U.S. interests, including small- or medium-sized businesses and consumers.

The USTR will post submissions in the docket for public inspection, except those which are designated as business confidential.

Should you need any further information or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly for any assistance.