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industry insights regulatory compliance

Chief Compliance Officer, Michael Ford, reviews the current state of the US government shutdown, the longest shutdown in US history.

regulatory compliance industry insights

Start 2019 off right and set your strategy up for success! Here are six free webinars coming up in Q1 to help you sharpen your compliance skills and build an effective -and compliant - global supply chain strategy.

industry insights regulatory compliance trade risk management

BDP International discusses the rise of autonomous vehicles in the logistics industry and what the impact could be on the transport of dangerous goods.

regulatory compliance

As the Responsible Care® initiative marks its 30th anniversary, BDP reinforces our commitment to safety & sustainability as a partner of the initiative.

regulatory compliance supply chain management import & export

Read how BDP International's expertise with import customs brokerage and regulatory compliance knowledge provides a winning solution for a world leader in the oil and gas industry.

industry insights regulatory compliance trade risk management

BDP International reviews potential supply chain scenarios that can lead to "Near Misses" and measures to take in order to prevent them.

regulatory compliance import & export industry insights

With a myriad of changing regulations, it’s essential to be well-versed in regulatory practices. Here are seven free webinars that will help you sharpen your compliance skills.

industry insights regulatory compliance

Michael Ford, Chief Compliance Officer, provides insight into the trade deal formerly known as NAFTA, while offering some points to keep in mind about the new USMCA.

regulatory compliance import & export

Korrie Thomas, Director of Compliance Solutions, discusses how the recent tariffs are contributing to import bonds being "insufficient".

industry insights regulatory compliance

Chief Compliance Officer Michael Ford reviews the recent polling results from BDP's Supply Chain Summit in Houston and discusses how FTAs are a focal point for businesses right now.