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Customer Service Week is an annual tradition that recognizes the outstanding efforts and commitments of PSA BDP teams around the world. Each day, our teams focus on a specific pillar (Innovation, Diversity, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability) and celebrate the achievements and milestones of our team members.


The shipping and transportation sectors are some of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. The importance of sustainable action and initiatives within supply chains cannot be overstated as sustainable supply chains help to minimize environmental impact of climate change and reduce the carbon footprint of both the provider and customer. Peggy Murphy, VP Sustainability, discusses PSA BDP's commitment to net zero emissions.

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January 1, 2020 is quickly approaching, and the new year will usher in a major change for the shipping industry: IMO 2020. This regulation is intended to lessen the emissions from the ocean transportation industry, but many questions still remain regarding implementation and enforcement.

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Reducing the supply chain carbon footprint makes sense — ethically and financially. Maureen Malia, Global Sustainability Manager, reviews how companies can contribute to a greener supply chain.


BDP International and FMC teamed up on a LEARN Project, focused on measuring emissions using the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework and identifying opportunities for increased efficiencies on selected trade lanes.