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industry insights supply chain management

Read Neil Wheeldon, VP of Solutions' comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in supply chain management so you can decide how to best leverage these innovations to keep your business moving forward.

supply chain management regulatory compliance

Ching Dew Hoo, Vice President of Business Development Solution, discusses a recent CICM event and Responsible Shipping Practices.

supply chain management

How BDP International supported HERSHEY Malaysia in their efforts to export goods to 27 markets and double 2017 delivery quantities.

supply chain management

Read about BDP Smart Life Science, our visibility tool that is specifically catered to meet the intricate needs of the Life Sciences industry.

supply chain management industry insights

BDP International reflects on the recent Supply Chain Summits in Shanghai and Singapore and the significance of each event for both BDP and its customers.

regulatory compliance supply chain management import & export

Read how BDP International's expertise with import customs brokerage and regulatory compliance knowledge provides a winning solution for a world leader in the oil and gas industry.

supply chain management

Alice Crepin, Regional Account Manager, reflects on the true meaning of customer service and how BDP's core values shape the BDP Experience.

supply chain management

When you're a global provider of connected products for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, supply chain control is everything. BDP's Smart Vu provides the visibility and traceability needed for HARMAN's dynamic business operations.

supply chain management industry insights import & export

In this post we review the First Sale Rule and how importers can benefit from the savings, especially in light of recent tariff increases.

industry insights supply chain management

In the second part of our visibility segment, read how BDP International brought end-to-end supply chain visibility to a petrochemical customer's supply chain.