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industry insights talking trade covid-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented levels of uncertainty for supply chains, particularly the air freight industry. In our latest episode, Mike White, President, Cargo Network Services, an IATA company, Kevin Connor, VP of Airfreight at BDP, and Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs for BDP review the overall status of the industry, what shippers can do expect, and how to manage current challenges.

industry insights covid-19

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, VP of Solutions Neil Wheeldon interviews Lars Jensen, CEO of Sea Intelligence Consulting regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its specific relation to ocean freight, capacity, and recovery.

talking trade covid-19

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, Michael Ford and Marianne Rowden, President of AAEI breakdown the Presidential Proclamation issued by Donald Trump as it relates to cargo and supply chains at large.

industry insights covid-19

In our latest episode of Talking Trade, VP of Global Accounts Marian Stevenson and Lora Cecere, CEO and Founder of Supply Chain Insights, discuss the state of affairs with COVID-19.

industry insights covid-19

Coronavirus impacts the global supply chain, creating a number of escalating risks. What you need to know.