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regulatory compliance import & export

Korrie Thomas, Director of Compliance Solutions, discusses how the recent tariffs are contributing to import bonds being "insufficient".

industry insights regulatory compliance

Chief Compliance Officer Michael Ford reviews the recent polling results from BDP's Supply Chain Summit in Houston and discusses how FTAs are a focal point for businesses right now.

industry insights

Chief Information Officer, Brian Kautz, discusses blockchain and why the timing surrounding this innovative technology may be better suited for the present, rather than the future.

industry insights

Jose A. Martinez, Regional Director - South Europe, discusses whether leadership is an inherent skill or one gained from life experience.

industry insights regulatory compliance

VP of Government and Industry Affairs, Michael Ford, reviews the recent approval of the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill by US Congress and what this means for US importers.

industry insights

Chief Compliance Officer Michael Ford reviews the August 31 developments regarding a potential new trade deal that would replace NAFTA.

industry insights regulatory compliance import & export

Michael Ford, Chief Compliance Officer, discusses the current NAFTA talks and points to consider during the negotiations.

bdp cares

CHRO Marcia Lyssy discusses the foundations and future of BDP Cares.

supply chain management industry insights import & export

In this post we review the First Sale Rule and how importers can benefit from the savings, especially in light of recent tariff increases.

ceo corner

As BDP celebrates 52 years in business, CEO Rich Bolte comments on BDP's achievements over the past year.