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import & export

Raquel Loanda, Country Manager for Brazil, discusses BDP's recent achievement as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO, or OEA locally) and the benefits for BDP's customers.

regulatory compliance industry insights import & export

Chief Compliance Officer Michael Ford discusses the recent update to the Entity List and how shippers should proceed with caution when certain flags appear during the process.

industry insights

In honor of BDP's recognition as a 2018 Quest for Quality winner, Kevin Connor, Vice President of Global Airfreight Transportation, discusses the importance of this award for both BDP and its customers.

industry insights regulatory compliance

Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs, offers some key points and potential outcomes as it relates to the U.S. Senate's vote on the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill.

industry insights regulatory compliance

Torsten Helk, Manager - Hazardous Materials and Export Compliance, discusses lithium batteries and the regulations surrounding these items for commercial and passenger airlines.

A review of BDP Singapore's service offerings, highlights of local culture, and business differentiators.

industry insights regulatory compliance import & export

Michael Ford, Chief Compliance Officer, discusses the importance of transparency surrounding all parties involved with order management, and how to properly navigate the Unverified List.

regulatory compliance industry insights trade risk management

Torsten Helk, Manager Hazardous Materials/Export Compliance, reviews how to effectively select the proper incoterm for routed international shipments.

industry insights supply chain management

In the second part of our visibility segment, read how BDP International brought end-to-end supply chain visibility to a petrochemical customer's supply chain.

industry insights

Candice Colon, Legal Department Manager & Global Paralegal, discusses steps and actions companies can take to ensure ethical operations and practices in the business.