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industry insights

Filip Fonke, Director of Operations, discusses 6 ways to encourage, promote, and create a highly successful team in the workplace.

industry insights supply chain management

Blockchain is at the center of the world's technology stage. Here's what you need to know in terms of how it can impact the logistics industry.

Maureen Malia, Global Sustainability Manager, discusses BDP's recent Green Leaf Award and BDP's ongoing commitment to sustainability.

ceo corner

Chairman & CEO Rich Bolte muses on his experience as CEO and identifies tactics for producing effective results within the organization.

Gerry Fama, Vice President - Global Solutions Sales, discusses how BDP's Solutions Sales team is tackling industry challenges head on to meet and exceed the evolving needs of BDP's customers.

industry insights trade risk management

Trade risk management is vital to the success of a supply chain. Read how BDP International can help your business mitigate the challenges and overcome obstacles.

industry insights trade risk management

David Ide, Global Vice President of Risk, discusses how shippers can utilize shippers interest insurance to protect their interests and avoid potential risk.

Pavithran Kallada, Managing Director - India, reflects on BDP's rapid growth in the region since opening its doors in 2008.

regulatory compliance industry insights

Torsten Helk, Manager Hazardous Materials / Export Compliance discusses the outside factors that can contribute to Dangerous Goods incidents in the supply chain.

industry insights

Helen Ligeon-Klann, Assistant Global General Counsel, discusses whether or not there should be a limit to the practice of charging demurrage and detention.